TimeCostWastage®: The world's most advanced financial estimation system for technology, people, time, and productivity improvements by costs, revenue, shareholder value, and accounting/financial ratios.

"We do what no other organization can do - place objective financial valuations on knowledge, collaboration, processes, and the discretionary energy of staff – all linked to annual reports, accounting ratios, financial analyst metrics, and shareholder value on an enterprise-wide basis. We pioneered new branches of accounting and finance to create the world’s first end-to-end Intangible Economy compliant cost, revenue, and shareholder value financial reporting system."Ken Standfield, Chief Value Officer (CVO) & Chief Financial Officer (CFO), AIBusinessCase.ai

AIBusinessCase.ai: More Prestige

Board of Directors Focussed

How much more respect would your projects and initiatives get from the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) if you could scientifically estimate the financial impacts of projects/initiatives on cost-effectiveness, productivity, shareholder value as well as annual reported accounting ratios (return on equity, return on assets, etc) and financial analyst ratios (earnings per share, price earnings ratio, share price, etc) ?

Increased Executive Support & Funding

How much more funding, stakeholder support, and executive priority would your projects get if you could show how reductions in AIBusinessCase.ai (meetings, searching for information, email, errors/rework in processes, etc) impact return on assets, earnings per share, share price, net income in a way that Chief Financial Officers would accept?

AIBusinessCase.ai: More Prestige

AIBusinessCase.ai: More Prestige

Do what others cannot do

Imagine the new projects you can undertake by targeting the financial impacts (on costs and revenues) of slow processes, distractions, interruptions, stress, unnecessary/ineffective meetings, conflict, unimportant emails, red-tape, employee disengagement, rework, waiting times, deficient knowledge, poor communication, network downtime, slow computers, "me time" and a raft of other overlooked Intangible Economy costs that can waste up to 40% of enterprise-wide annual costs.

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